Happy 5th Birthday and a Blog!

At Tsugi, we are dedicated to help creatives of all kinds. We strive to provide tools and technologies that empower you, offer you more creative options and allow you to be more productive.

This blog represents a new facet of this mission. In this space, we will zoom in on some of the features of our software and give you examples of how industry leaders and indie developers alike have been using them in their projects. We will also open a window on Tsugi itself and let you discover more of the crazy things we are concocting in our lab. In addition, our experts will post in-depth articles on topics ranging from game audio middleware to procedural audio modelling and creative pipelines.

And what a better time to start this blog than for our 5th birthday?  Wait… already 5 years?  That’s right, Tsugi is turning 5 this month. Time *does* fly when you are having fun!