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The GDC Report

The three GDC17 exhibition days have been fantastic and we would like to thank all the super creative people who visited us for making this a stunning success for Tsugi!

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We were showing Alto Studio, the brand new version of Alto, the audio dialogue tool used pretty much on every AAA title, be it directly during production or at the localization stage by agencies. This new version has been an inconstestable hit during these few days. Thank you for confirming that we have been on the right track. But don’t think we are stopping here, our engineers still have a few surprises for you down the road…

Blog picture_Alto Studio Release


Of course, we were also giving the first demos of GameSynth, our procedural audio middleware, whose audio synthesis algorithms have already been used by a few major Japanese studios and will very soon be available to you.


Each day, we elected the best patch made by a visitor and here they are: creaking wooden door, electric arc and sparks, and tornado!

Screenshot 2017-03-02 06.06.09 Screenshot 2017-03-02 06.07.25 Screenshot 2017-03-04 05.32.34


Many of you who came to the booth of our partner CRI Middleware (#316) were able to grab some swag, from these awesome GameSynth T-shirts to very cool magnets and stickers! They were such a success that we will make new ones!

GDC2017 goods_02 GDC2017 goods_03 GDC2017 goods_04


Finally, it was wonderful to catch up with all our friends in the industry and to make new ones. Thank you again everybody for making this GDC so special and please check these pages soon for more good news if you are in game audio!