Procedural Patch Repository

We are thrilled to introduce the new GameSynth online patch repository, a new place for the GameSynth community to share procedural audio patches.

As a visitor, you can browse the repository and listen to a sample wave file generated from each patch. Registered users can download the patches themselves and use them directly in their game or movie, or edit them, create many sound variations automatically etc.  They also have the possibility to upload new patches. The Tsugi team will be curating the repository to make sure the patches are easy to find and that the overall quality stays high.

When browsing the patches, you can search by category and by GameSynth model used. There are currently 135 procedural audio patches in the repository, from creatures to sci-fi, weapons to whooshes and impacts, interface blips, environmental sound effects and more…


If you are a GameSynth user, the repository is the perfect place to get some inspiration or to quickly get a patch for your game.

This is the first iteration of the repository and of course we are planning many improvements. In the meantime, please feel free to send us your feedback at  Is it interesting, what features are missing, what kind of patches are you searching for?  We are looking forward to see your patches in the repository!