GameSynth Tips #1

We recently posted a series of quick tips for GameSynth on Twitter. In this blog post, we list them together for your convenience.

Tip 1

Let’s start easy: you can quickly switch to another GameSynth model by pressing on the function keys (F1 = Whoosh, F2 = Impact, F3 = Modular etc.)

Tip 2

If you have a Modular patch with many audio or control generators and want to change its overall duration, select the generators and adjust their durations at once with the “Match Durations” command of the context menu.

Tip 3

You can create random Modular patches by pressing Ctrl+P. They are guaranteed to make “interesting” sounds. Perfect when looking for some inspiration!

Tip 4

In the Modular, click on the scope icon to display the oscilloscope / spectrogram panels. Send any output signal to them to debug your patches!

Tip 5

In the Modular, you can center a patch automatically by pressing Home or clicking on the icon shown on the picture.

Tip 6

In the Modular, press Enter to automatically connect a floating wire to the closest module input!

Tip 7

To manually enter the value of a random range, double-click on the yellow dot of the corresponding slider.

Tip 8

You can use the -render option of the command line version to render full folders of patches to wave files, including as many variations as you want!

Tip 9

In the Modular, you can add PatchPlayer modules to load patches created in other models and use them as sound sources!

Tip 10

In the Settings window, check ‘Display module parameters in floating window’ to be able to see the parameters of several modules simultaneously.