GameSynth 2019.2 Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of GameSynth 2019.2, the latest version of the leading procedural audio middleware, packed with new features and improvements. GameSynth 2019.2 is available at the introductory price of US $273 (regular price $390) until the 15th of September. As always, the update is free for current users.

New Weather Model

The brand newWeather” model can simulate the sounds of:

  • Rain and hail on different surfaces (concrete, wood, grass, metal, glass, umbrella, plastic, water…).
  • Wind, from gentle breeze to tornado.
  • Rumbling thunder and sharp thunderclaps.
  • Rustling leaves and bushes based on the speed of the wind.

These are all generated procedurally – without using any sample – for a fully controllable, high-quality sound with an ultralow memory footprint.

Animation Curves Import

GameSynth 2019.2 also introduces support for the most popular 2D and 3D animation packages (Maya, 3ds Max, Motion Builder, Houdini, SpriteStudio, Spine etc…). For the first time in a sound design tool, it is now possible to import animation curves and motion capture data and to link them directly to sound parameters.

In GameSynth, if an animation curve is modified or its duration is changed, the sound can simply be recalculated, without needing to record new material or to edit existing samples, therefore saving a lot of time.


New Modules and Features

Many new modules are available in the Modular: a realistic Fire module (ideal for campfires, explosions, torches, fireballs, dragon attacks etc.), a Script module to develop your own sound generators in C#, as well as Looper, Repeater and Rectifier modules among others.


Patching has never been easier too! With the new Auto-Connect feature, modules are automatically connected based on their type and proximity to other modules, as well as your own patching history!  Quick-access menus and the possibility to write notes on your patches will help you patch like a pro!

Online Patch Repository Access

Finally, in GameSynth 2019.2, the biggest collection of procedural audio patches for game and movies is just one click away! We integrated the online patch repository and you can now browse this collection of high-quality procedural sound effects directly from GameSynth 2019.2. Ideal to get some inspiration and kickstart a great sound design session!


The GameSynth 2019.2 update, which includes all these new features and many others, is entirely free for existing GameSynth users.