Tsugi at CEDEC 2019

This year again, Tsugi will be present at CEDEC, the Japanese game developers conference held in Yokohama from the 4th to the 6th of September.

GameSynth 2019.2

Please visit our booth (#16, first floor) and try the brand new GameSynth 2019.2!

This new version is packed with new features such as an incredible Weather model that perfectly simulates rain and hail on various surfaces, wind from a gentle breeze to a tornado, rumbling thunder and powerful thunderclaps and even rustling leaves in the wind. All that while using absolutely no sample, which allows for total real-time control and ultra-low memory footprint!

GameSynth 2019.2 is a massive update, which also adds support for many graphics and animation packages (SpriteStudio, Spine, Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max etc..). It is now possible to generate sound effects based on animation curves and motion capture files.

Many other new features are available such as new modules (Fire, Script, Rectifier, Looper…) for the Modular model and the integration with the online patch repository. Come and try it!



Wacom – Tsugi collaboration

Thanks to a collaboration with WACOM, you will be able to experience a new level of expressivity in sound design while using the latest Cintiq Pro 32 and Intuos Pro to literally draw sound effects!


Procedural Audio Sessions

Tsugi will also hold two game audio sessions during the conference. In the first one, part of the Audio track, Nicolas Fournel (founder and CEO) will talk about the state of procedural audio for sound effects in games.

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In the second session we will introduce the new features of GameSynth 2019.2 as well as examples of usage of this new version for audio, animation and game creators.

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Square Enix – Tsugi R&D collaboration

Finally, we will present the results of a research collaboration between SQUARE ENIX R&D and TSUGI.  Come to booth #12 to interact with Kobun, a charming little octopus in VR demonstrating Square Enix’ latest character interaction system involving emotional AI and voice recognition, as well as Tsugi’s sound synthesis of vocalizations.

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