Audio Workshop and Tsugi

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Audio Workshop, a French audio post-production studio and formation center, to introduce procedural audio – and GameSynth in particular – to their students.


It is always a pleasure to work with formators who not only teach the time-tested techniques of their craft but also keep an eye on the new technologies that will give their students an advantage when they enter the industry. Gaëtan Theyssier, CEO and co-founder of Audio Workshop, explains:

After acquiring GameSynth licenses for our audio cursus – and thanks to a presentation by Nicolas Fournel from Tsugi – we now fully grasp the vast potential of this software.
In the relatively settled world of audio post-production, GameSynth breaks the codes and opens the door to new, efficient, and cost-effective workflows.
Its procedural approach sets us free from many technical constraints and allows us to focus on the creative aspect of our job, both when working on game audio and on sound for movies.
GameSynth is definitely a must-have, especially with the support of the passionate and talented team at Tsugi!

As a pioneer in procedural audio techniques, education is very important to us in order to demonstrate the full potential of this technology to future sound designers. Right from the creation of Tsugi, we set out an ambitious educational program including both discounts and special learning materials, and we are looking forward to supporting Audio Workshop and other schools in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us!