Happy 2020!

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you a lot of inspiration and fun while working on your creative projects in 2020 as well as great success when releasing them!

Here in Japan, we can already feel the effervescence in the air with the Tokyo Olympics being just a few months away. Things will get pretty exciting at Tsugi as well, and here is what to expect from us this year.

More free updates

With a community already strong of several thousand users, we are humbled by the exceptional reception you gave to GameSynth and we feel that, more than ever, we have a responsibility to make it as inspiring and productive as possible to accompany you in your projects.


We will continue to release free software updates during the year for all our tools. If you were among the first users of GameSynth, you already got the new Particles, VoiceFX, Footsteps and Weather models for free, as well as many new modules for the Modular model. This year too, we will continue to improve what has become the leading procedural audio tool for games and animations. GameSynth 2020.1 is just around the corner, so be ready for some exciting new features!

More updates also means new learning materials, both for the regular and educational licenses, as well as more free patches in the online repository, among other things…

New products and projects

Without unveiling too much, we are of course continuously developing new audio technologies, both for our own products and for our clients’ projects. So, keep your eyes peeled for more innovative procedural audio tools in the future, and for more groundbreaking collaborations like the ones we had this year with Square Enix, Micware and others…


A new office

How will we do all that you ask? Well… we are moving into a new building! The whole third floor of the new Tsugi building will be devoted to Research & Development and the second floor will be home to the new Tsugi creative space (more information on that later…).  This expansion will help us provide you with the most innovative and productive audio tools for your projects.

Please note our new address below:

Tsugi G.K.
Koshimura building, 3-5-8 Yoneyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 950-0916,  Japan


The new Tsugi building is located in the center of Niigata, just a short walk away from the main station. It will make it easier for our partners and clients coming from Tokyo to visit us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to meet!