20200902_dsp_sci-fi ver release

DSP Sci-Fi 1.1 Released!

We just released version 1.1 of DSP Sci-Fi, our science-fiction sound effects generator!

DSP Sci-Fi allows you to create all the sounds you need for your sci-fi games and animations, very easily. You simply select a category (among ambiences, lifeforms, mechanisms, interfaces, vehicles, or weapons), a type of sound (for instance ‘Blaster’ in the ‘Weapons’ category), and then adjust the parameters to your liking before exporting the sound as a wave file.

Sound variations can also be generated automatically by assigning random ranges to the parameters, and even exported directly to the Unity game engine if you want.

The free 1.1 update brings even more locations to DSP Sci-Fi (alien hive, galactic temple, and planet biome), as well as more alien lifeforms (a mutant floating in its tank, a predator, a parasite, nanobots and a cute space critter), intriguing devices (a healing tank and a broken device), futuristic UI sounds (transitions), and weapons (flamethrower).

Of course, thanks to Tsugi’s unique procedural audio engine, these sound models are fully customizable to match your project’s requirements. Some of the previous sound models have also been improved, either by adding some extra parameters, or by making them more deterministic.

20200911_DSP Sci-Fi ver1.1 release1

In addition, there are now 4 cool visualizers available (check that hexagon display above!). Finally, a bit depth option in the Settings window allows you to save the wave files in 8, 16, 24 or 32-bit when using the Render, Snap, Edit or Export functions.

The DSP Sci-Fi 1.1 update is totally free and available for download on the product’s page.

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