Happy Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween everyone!

It seems like the perfect opportunity to draw spooky sounds in the Sketch Pad of GameSynth, don’t you think?


You may be wondering how we managed to draw such complex figures on the Sketch Pad.  This was easily achieved by importing SVG files, simply by drag-and-drop from the desktop onto the Sketch Pad.

This opens the door to some very creative sound design, where you can prepare interesting vector graphics in programs such as Inkscape or Illustrator and use them to drive sound particles or whoosh movements in GameSynth for example.

This is part of several improvements for the Sketch Pad that we have been working on for the next version of GameSynth.

We will talk about it in more details at a later date. However, since the Sketch Pad ultimately only stores the points, you can already play with some of these spooky patches by downloading them from the patch repository!

What about you? What scary patches are you creating with GameSynth this Halloween?