Black Friday Sale!

Tsugi’s once-a-year, half-price sale has just started! All of our sound design tools and audio workflow solutions are now available at 50% off. Don’t waste a minute, as the number of licenses available at these prices is limited, and everything was gone very fast last year!

For only $24.5 (instead of $49), you can draw an infinity of high-impact sound effects for your games and videos in DSP Action, or design evolving sound textures for motion graphics and animations in DSP Motion.

For the same price, you can also generate all the sci-fiheroic-fantasyretro and anime sounds you need in the other tools of the DSP Series!

Black Friday 2021

GameSynth, the procedural sound design tool for games and animations, is available at $195 instead of $390! This gives you access to specialized synthesizers for all common types of game sound effects (whooshes, impacts & contacts, footsteps, weather etc…)  and a patching environment with 120+ unique synthesis modules and sample manglers.

This also includes access to the GameSynth patch repository, the largest collection of procedural sound models to date! The GameSynth Engines plug-in also available at half its normal price too ($79.5 instead of $159).

If you are working with a lot of audio dialogue, in a single or multiple languages, let Alto Studio analyze and correct these thousands of wave files instantly, for only $195 instead of $390!

There is a creative sound solution for everybody, so don’t miss this opportunity and check our products page!

The next 50% off sales will be in one year…

Please note that this 50% discount cannot be cumulated with other promotional offers (DSP Bundles, education discount etc.) and that all sales are final.