Best sound tools for the GGJ 2023

The Global Game Jam 2023 is almost here! With more than 700 locations both online and in-person, this year’s event will once again be a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and create great games in a fun and collaborative spirit!

As with any jam, you will need to manage your time carefully. To help you in that matter, Tsugi’s DSP Series provides a set of easy-to-use tools to quickly create a large variety of sound effects for games in all genres. Do you need a sound for a giant robot, or some magic spells, or for an anime character? We have you covered!

And starting today, through the end of GGJ 23, we are pleased to offer a 30% discount on all tools in the DSP series! Even better, if you are a student, you can apply for a 50% discount instead of the regular discount, so do not hesitate to ask for your coupon prior to the jam!

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About the DSP Series

Common to all the tools in the series, the workflow is simple and immediate: select a category, a type of sound, and adjust the parameters. Once you have created a sound you like, you can save it as a wave file.

Thanks to our unique procedural audio engine, the sounds are fully customizable to perfectly match your game. Since the tools use advanced synthesis techniques rather than sample playback, if the duration of an animation changes during the development, you can simply regenerate a sound of the right length, without any artifacts or degradation.


A massive advantage of procedural tools is that they can automatically create a huge number of sound variations, which is primordial when working in games to avoid repetitiveness. Furthermore, you can export the sounds (including multiple variations if needed) into a Unity project with a single click! Metadata files will be automatically created with the correct settings and C# scripts can even be generated!

DSP Action

DSP Action generates high-impact sounds. There is everything you need to create high-octane teasers, action-packed games, and thrilling animations, from the sounds of destruction (impacts, crashes, debris…) and fight (punches, gunshots, explosions…) to mechanisms (giant robots, gears, engines…) and powerful synths (screeching sounds, risers, braams…).

The Sketchpad lets you draw your sound effects in real time (optionally synchronized with a video) and interact with generative graphics to trigger new sounds or transform existing ones.

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DSP Motion

In DSP Motion, you can select a type of movement (rotation, scaling, transformation…), an audio shader (fire, electricity, machine, animal…) and draw your sound effects in real-time. It is the best tool to easily create evolving textures for animated logos, character animations, visual effects, user interfaces and more.

Like in DSP Action, the position of the mouse and the drawing speed are used to generate sound effects that perfectly matches your motion.

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DSP Fantasy

From fantastic creatures to magic spells, from sword fights to dungeon ambiances, with DSP Fantasy you can create all the sounds you need for your medieval and heroic fantasy adventures. If you are developing a roleplaying game this is the perfect tool for you!

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DSP Sci-Fi

DSP Sci-Fi can generate all the sounds for your science fiction project, including futuristic soundscapes, interfaces, alien life forms, mecha/robots, spaceships, and weapons.

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DSP Anime

DSP Anime focuses on the sound effects found in Japanese animated films. With its large variety of category (magic, fight, events, character emotions, moves, foley, ambiences…), it is the best tool to generate sound effects for visual novels, cute character animations and more.

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DSP Retro

DSP Retro specializes in recreating the iconic sound effects of old-style platformers, shooters or beat’em ups. This is a great companion for any game that uses a pixel art style.

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