Black Friday Sale 2023!

It is time for Tsugi’s once-a-year, half-price sale! All our sound design tools and audio workflow solutions are available at 50% off until December 15th!

Easily add sounds to your videos

For only $24.5, draw your sound effects in DSP Motion and DSP Action. The fully customizable sounds and video-synchronized playback offer the easiest and most expressive way to add perfectly matching audio to your videos and animations.

Create all the sound effects for your game

You will also be able to generate all the sci-fiheroic-fantasyretro and anime sounds you need for your games and animations with the other tools of the DSP Series.

dsp series EN

Unleash the power of procedural sound design

There has never been a better time to dive into procedural sound design for games and animations, with GameSynth being only at $195 instead of $390. We have published 100 tutorials on GameSynth alone, to help you master sound synthesis!

GameSynth EN

The latest version includes the GameSynth Tool API, allowing you to add powerful procedural sound design features to any creative tool, from DAWs to game engines and audio middleware.

And for all our current GameSynth users out there, what about adding the Engines plug-in to your arsenal for half the price? The new version includes tank models, and a new automatic pass-by feature.

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Indispensable audio dialogue tool

Dealing with many voice recordings?  Why not let Alto Studio analyze and correct thousands of wave files instantly, for only $195 instead of $390?


There is a creative sound solution for everybody, so do not miss this opportunity and check our products page! Your next chance will be, well… in one year…

Tools available for Windows only. The Black Friday discount cannot be cumulated with other promotions such as the DSP bundles or the educational discount.