Breathe sounds into your animations with DSP Anime SSE!

This new version of our acclaimed sound effect generator has been specially developed for the users of OPTPiX SpriteStudio from Web Technology. With DSP Anime SSE, Tsugi brings the power and convenience of sound synthesis to game animators!


DSP Anime SSE (JP)

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Adding the right sound effects to your animations has never been that simple!

  • Import your SpriteStudio projects directly into DSP Anime SSE.
  • Sounds can be associated with each element of an animation.
  • Gives you access to all the procedural audio models from DSP Anime and DSP Retro.
  • Many categories of sounds: fight, magic, pets, locations, elements…
  • Simple and meaningful parameters can be used to adjust the sound effects to your own taste.

DSP Anime sound effects


Synthesis parameters




Because the sounds are created by synthesis…

  • Content can be generated to fit the duration of your animation. Need 5 seconds or 3 minutes of bubbling water? DSP Anime SSE will generate it for you, without any loop!
  • No need to record new sounds each time you make a change, or to time-stretch them!
  • Animation curves can also be used to control the sound parameters automatically.
  • Change the pitch of a jump sound based on the altitude of a character, control the panning of its footsteps from its position!
  • Modify any sound parameter based on the scale of an animation element, its rotation, its alpha blending etc…

Results are ready to be used in your projects:

  • Sounds can be saved in many formats (Wave, Mp3, Ogg, Flac, Aiff…)
  • Animations can be exported in AVI or in HTML5, ready to be published.

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