Summer Sale 2024!

The temperatures are rising and the prices are falling: it is time for Tsugi’s Summer Sale! All our sound design tools are available with a 40% discount during the month of July. As always, this includes a lifetime of free updates. So, tuck away your scuba diving gear for a minute, and head to the products page to pick up some ultra-creative audio tools!

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Do not miss this opportunity to *draw* your sound effects with DSP Motion or DSP Action for only $29 (regular price $49). The latest versions include synchronized video playback, and there is simply no more immediate and expressive way to design sounds to picture!

The other tools of the DSP Series are discounted as well. In the mood for an intergalactic adventure? Let DSP Sci-Fi help you create all the blaster, alien, robot, and spaceship sounds you need, and then some! Longing for a medieval quest full of fantastic monsters and magic treasures? Opt for DSP Fantasy to design the soundscapes of your RPGs: it is great for both digital and tabletop games! Into retro gaming? DSP Retro will recreate the iconic sound effects of past consoles. Finally, DSP Anime will be perfect to add sounds to your storytelling in visual novels and anime.


Create any sound you can imagine with GameSynth at $234 (regular price $390). This is the perfect time to level up and learn procedural sound design, with 100+ blog posts – most of them tutorials – and 1000+ procedural audio models! Get acquainted with the future of audio for games and animations today! The new version also comes with a tool API that makes it possible to interface GameSynth with your favorite tools (Reaper, Blender, Unity, Wwise, Pure Data etc…).

Already a GameSynth user? Get the Engines plug-in ($95 instead of $159) to make it roar with the sounds of racing cars, motorbikes, trucks and more!

Finally, if you are dealing with a lot of audio dialog, possibly in multiple languages, Alto Studio will help you analyze and correct it automatically, and it comes with a plethora of useful features from voice effects to loudness correction and export to game middleware for only $234 (regular price $390).


The Summer Sale offer is not cumulable with other promotions, such as educational discounts, bundles, site licenses etc.


Summer sale