Tsugi is the leading provider of procedural audio technologies and content with:

million-selling games using
our tools or engines

movie studios relying
on our R&D

the largest installed
base of commercial
procedural audio software

the largest collection of
sound models
available worldwide


Tsugi offers procedural audio solutions for game development, movie creation, animation, audio post-production, product design and embedded devices (toys, robots, vehicles, etc.).

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Our R&D services include the creation of tools
using procedural audio to drastically improve workflows,
the development of real-time sound synthesis engines allowing for unprecedented audio interactivity,
and the creation of specific procedural audio models
for your projects.

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Tsugi was founded by Nicolas Fournel in 2011. Nicolas has 30+ years of experience creating tools and engines for the audio and video game industries (at Sony, Konami, Electronic Arts and Factor 5 among others). He is a frequent speaker at international conferences (GDC, Develop, CEDEC, AES…) and holds several patents in DSP and procedural generation.

We are also lucky to count incredibly talented engineers, sound designers and graphic artists in our team. If you want to join us to create groundbreaking procedural audio products, please check our careers page!

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