GameSynth APIver 2023.1



GameSynth can be remotely controlled via TCP by using the GameSynth Tool API. Integrate GameSynth with other creative tools and set up new sound design workflows:

  • Remotely load a GameSynth patch, play it, and control it in real-time via meta-parameters.
  • Query patches from the repository and render them at the cursor position in digital audio workstations (DAW)
  • Generate sound variations and render them from within the authoring tools of game audio middleware
  • Send automation curves from audio tools to GameSynth and vice-versa, to synchronize the synthesis of sounds with the playback of samples
  • Exchange automation curves with 3D animation software to synchronize the animation and the sound synthesis
  • Export curves from a drawing software to the Sketch Pad of GameSynth
  • And more…


The GameSynth Tool API offers many commands to:

  • Get information about your GameSynth version
  • Browse the repository and access its patches
  • Load, save or render a patch, get or set its automation curves, global variation, sketch pad drawing, and more
  • Play a patch and control it in real-time via meta-parameters
  • Display custom dialog boxes to get input from the user
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Create audio assets automatically by rendering GameSynth patches

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Render patches into AudioStream nodes, and export animation curves

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Render sounds and variations on your tracks, export automation curves

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Export F-Curves to create sounds that match your animations, and render audio in the video sequencer

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Combine interactive graphics and procedural audio in real-time!

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Pure Data

Trigger and control GameSynth sounds in real-time

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Render sound variations directly in your Atom Craft project!

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Play and control GameSynth patches in real-time

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Generate sound assets in your containers and make them loop seamlessly

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Move your mouse to control the meta-parameters

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More examples coming soon!

Developed by Tsugi and the GameSynth community...