DSP Sci-fi Science-Fiction Sound Effects Generator

In the latest free updates:

Version 1.1 brings more locations, aliens, devices, futuristic UIs, and weapons to DSP Sci-Fi!

Version 1.2 includes DSP Deck, a free tool to quickly organize the wave files generated by the DSP series into decks and then trigger them in real-time.

DSP Sci-Fi video

DSP Sci-Fi is an innovative sound effects generator for all your science-fiction projects (game, movie, animation etc.).

  • DSP Sci-Fi generates high-quality sounds, crafted by professional sound designers.
  • These sounds are fully customizable to fit perfectly in your project, thanks to our unique procedural audio engine.
  • DSP Sci-Fi is available at a fraction of the price of a professional sound library, without requiring a large amount of disk space.

All the sounds of science-fiction

  • AmbiencesBridge, Crew Quarters, Engine Room, Hangar Bay, Chip Market, Futuristic City, Galactic Temple, Alien Hive, Ion Storm, Meteor Shower, Planet Biome, Space Drones.
  • Interfaces Confirm/Cancel, Select/Click, Zoom/Swipe, Transition, Panel, Interference, Morse Signal, Radar, Sonar, Telemetry, Alarm, Charging Up.
  • Lifeforms Alien Language, Ethereal Beings, Insectoid, Monster Growl, Predator, Parasite, Mutant, Swamp Creature, Furry Creature, Space Critter, Cybernetic Life, Nanobots.
  • MechanismsDroid, Probe, Robot, Servo Motor, Airlock, Exhaust, Ventilation, Buzzing, Plasma Beam, Teleporter, Healing Tank, Broken Device.
  • Vehicles Battle Cruiser, Space Fighter, Speeder Bike, Transport Ship, Flying Car, Patrol Car, Hyperloop, Rocket, Rover, Cockpit Interior, Hyperspace Jump, Landing.
  • Weapons Blaster, Lightblade, Spaceship Laser, Shield, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Metal Impact, Explosion, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Grenade, Flamethrower.


Immediate workflow

While it generates high-quality sound effects, DSP Sci-Fi offers an intuitive user interface that is both simple and fun to use!

DSP Sci-Fi Usage


To avoid repetitive sound effects, assign random ranges to the parameters and generate sound variations automatically.

DSP Sci-Fi Random range

Export to Unity

Are you working on a game? DSP Sci-Fi can export your sounds directly to Unity!

  • Sound variations can be generated and all the WAVE files are copied into an Asset folder.
  • Meta files are created using user-specified parameters.
  • C# scripts can also be automatically generated, allowing for sequential or random playback of the sounds.
DSP Sci-Fi Unityエクスポート

Sci-Fi Outpost

Create the sounds of all the devices and interfaces present in a space station, moon base etc. This blog post focuses on the Mechanisms category of DSP Sci-Fi.

Sci-Fi Battle in RTS Game

This video showcases how DSP Sci-Fi can be used to generate all the sound effects of a typical battle in a sci-fi real-time strategy game: lasers, spaceships, robots, aliens, and more!

Animation Sound Design

Learn how DSP Sci-Fi was used to create all the sound effects for an entire animated sequence, including futuristic ambiences, UI, warfare, spaceship etc.

Sound Examples in Unity

Example of implementation in Unity™. Sound variations and C# scripts were automatically generated in DSP Sci-Fi and exported.
The WAVE files can also be imported in other middleware (Unreal, Cocos2d, RPG Maker…) and tools (DAW, animation, video…).

Concept Art

DSP Deck

DSP Deck

Includes a customizable sound deck dedicated to the DSP Series.
Trigger all the sounds you generated in the blink of an eye!
Perfect for tabletop game sessions, podcasts, and more!

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* Sounds generated by DSP Sci-Fi can be used freely in commercial projects. *Windows only.

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