20231205_DSP Sci-Fi Map EN

Sci-Fi Outpost

DSP Sci-Fi lets you easily create sound effects for your science-fiction games, animations, or movies. Over time, we have published a number of posts and videos about giant mechas, space battles and strange creatures.

But DSP Sci-Fi also excels at creating the sounds of all the devices and interfaces found in space stations, moon bases, etc… In an effort to highlight them, this time we have built a futuristic base in Unity and we populated it with sound effects made in DSP Sci-Fi.

We focused on 3 of the DSP Sci-Fi categories which are a bit less known: ambiences, mechanisms, and interfaces.

Ambiences as varied as a spaceship hangar, crew quarters, an engine room or a control station could be instantly created for our level. Thanks to its procedural audio engine, DSP Sci-Fi makes it possible to produce sounds that match your exact needs by adjusting intuitive parameters.

Procedural audio also allows you to generate as much unique content as needed – without requiring any looping – which was great for these ambiences (and is equally useful for spaceship engines etc…).

Across the outpost are various machines and devices. From repair droids to healing tanks, teleporters, plasma beams, exhausts, ventilation systems, and more… DSP Sci-Fi has a sound effects generator dedicated to each of them in its Mechanisms category!

The outpost’s antenna was the perfect opportunity to put the Interfaces category to the test. By layering some of the sounds generated by DSP Sci-Fi in a free editor such as Audacity, we can create more complex soundscapes, and it is exactly what we did for the Antenna, by combining sounds created with the Interferences, Telemetry, and Zoom Swipe patches.

Of course, we also dropped a couple of other SF classics for good measure, like the insect-like alien breaching the perimeter, a spaceship in the hangar, or the defensive turret.

Like for the Antenna, the sound of the spaceship is built from many DSP Sci-Fi patches. First, the idle engine sound of the Space Fighter patch was mixed with the Cockpit Interior and the LoadUp section of Hyperspace Jump to create the ship’s start-up sequence. Then, we combined the Space Fighter, Rocket, and Hyperspace Jump patches to make the propulsion sound of the spaceship!

Faster and cheaper than browsing sample libraries, DSP Sci-Fi can help you create the perfect sound effects for your science-fiction project, thanks to its many categories and fully customizable sounds.


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