GameSynth | The ultimate sound design tool for games and movies


The GameSynth engine uses advanced procedural techniques to bring game audio to the next level.
It generates sounds based on the patches you design in the tool and real-time input parameters from the game.


Sound Variations

Audio Interactivity

Memory Footprint

Implementation Time


Intuitive Authoring Tool

  • The GameSynth authoring tool offers a specific editor for each procedural audio model as well as a visual patching environment to create your own models.
  • It includes many innovative features, such as the sketch pad, which boost creativity and improve workflow.
  • It can also be used as conventional standalone sound design tool to create wave files.

Infinite sound palette

  • Random ranges assigned to the parameters allow for the creation of infinite sound variations from a single patch.
  • Since only the parameters of the patch are saved instead of the audio data, the memory footprint is orders of magnitude lower, allowing for even more patches.
  • However, you can still use samples if you want, or analyze them to get realistic control curves.

Interactive Audio

  • Direct access to the sound synthesis parameters allows more control than with sample playback.
  • GameSynth reacts to the game’s inputs through the Meta-Parameters of the patch (similar to RTPCs).
  • It can also send synthesis Events to the game (e.g. new LFO cycle) to synchronize the other game subsystems with audio.

Straightforward API

  • GameSynth’s API is much smaller and easier to use than most current audio API.
  • It still supports all the customization you would expect for memory allocation, file I/O etc.
  • The API can be called from C++ or C.

Highly Optimized and Scalable

  • The GameSynth run-time is optimized for each platform target.
  • As a complete procedural audio solution (instead of plug-ins from independent vendors), it can be optimized horizontally across all patches.
  • Scalability is built in, with settings to limit the number of audio objects (grains, modes etc.) up to the patch level.

System Agnostic

  • GameSynth can run independently or in conjunction with a game (audio) middleware.
  • It generates audio buffers in real-time that you can pass to a Wwise, FMOD or ADX2 voice and reacts to real-time parameter controls.
  • You can also use it directly with the native library of your target platform or the audio subsystem of your engine.

NEWRun-time preview tool

The new GSBViewer tool allows for the easy preview of the binary models exported by the GameSynth tool using the GameSynth run-time, without having to write a single line of code!

Simply drop your GSB bank, play the sounds, adjust the meta-parameters, and check the log output of the run-time API.

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