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  • Supports most common file formats: Wave (including broadcast wave), AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flac …
  • Reads and preserves metadata.
  • Imports / exports list of files (drag and drop, text files, Excel files…).
  • Uses filters on directories (based on audio file characteristics, last modification date, size…).
  • Detects duplicates and removes them if needed.
  • Waveform visualization and playback.
  • Sets watchers on directories, so files are automatically processed when added or modified.
  • Possibility to write custom import plug-ins for proprietary formats.

Input List


  • Internal functions to crop, pad, normalize, fade in and out, remove quietest parts etc…
  • VST plug-ins host, so you can use your favourite effects.
  • VAMP plug-ins host to perform sound analyses.
  • Creation of plug-in processing chains.
  • Possibility to write custom processing plug-ins for specific needs.
  • 64-bit processing, multithreaded. Adapts to your number of cores and hardware threads.
  • Can complete large batch processing operations in several sessions if needed.
  • Allows custom commands before / after a batch processing session (or even before / after each file processing).
  • Command line version available for easy integration in your audio pipeline.

Processing Chain


  • Allows for complex renaming schemes.
  • Bit-depth, channel, sample rate and format conversions.
  • Automatic injection or stripping of metadata.
  • Full reporting with details about data, timings, errors etc…
  • Can also export results as Excel file, HTML or PDF with stats and charts.
  • Exports to game audio middleware such as AudioKinetic’s Wwise, Firelight Technologies’ FMOD or ADX2 from CRI Middleware.
  • Exports file information to XML or Excel.
  • Notification options for termination or errors: email, sound, tweet…
  • Automatically generates HTML5-compatible web sites that allow the browsing of the audio files.
  • Exports folders or list of files as PDFs with pictures (sample catalogues).
  • Possibility to write custom export plug-ins for proprietary formats.

Convert Samples

Export PDF Catalogue

Create Online Sample Database

Export to Wwise

Export to FMOD

Export to ADX2



AudioBot User Manual (EN)

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Get AudioBot, the ultimate audio batch processor for sound artists, musicians, web designers or game developers. Fast, reliable, and extensible, with an intuitive interface and a plethora of features that will improve the workflow of anybody dealing with audio assets.


Download the trial version of AudioBot for Windows 64-bit. This version is fully functional but limited to a total number of 500 files processed during the life of the trial. After that, you will still be able to run the trial version and test the GUI, but a license must be purchased on this page to actually process more files.

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