GameSynth Engines Plugin

Next-Gen Car Engine SimulationFinally say goodbye to granular synthesis!

GameSynth Engines Plugin video
GameSynth Engines Plugin video
  • Physically accurate modeling of engines, offering higher realism than granular synthesis
  • Developed with a former acoustical engineer from Yamaha Motors
  • Create fictional vehicles by routing to other GameSynth models
  • Many vehicles available (formula 1, sports car, bike, truck, tank etc.)
  • Many parameters (type of engine, level of road noise etc.)
  • Automatic Pass-By feature combining the Whoosh and Engines models
  • Intuitive interface: create sounds by driving!
  • Fully controllable, since no fixed recordings are used
  • Negligible memory footprint at run-time!
gamesynth micware

e.g. Driving simulator from Micware, presented at ITS 2019 in Singapore, using Unreal Engine interfaced with the GameSynth run-time

Run-Time Integration

Are you working on a racing game or a driving simulator? Do you need realistic yet fully controllable engine sounds? Are you tired of the limits of granular synthesis? Do not hesitate to contact us!

In addition to the plug-in for the GameSynth sound design tool described here, we can help you to integrate this technology in your application. This can be done very quickly, and at a lower cost than the older, less realistic, granular-based solutions!

*Tax included

Creating engine sounds is as simple as choosing your type of vehicle (formula 1, sports car, bike, truck, tank etc.), the type of motor, and recording your actions while driving with the interface, or drawing on the SketchPad!
*GameSynth required.

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