DSP Motion

DSP Motion allows motion designers, animators, sound artists and game developers to easily create sound effects for animated logos, character animations, visual effects, user interfaces and more.

Select a type of motion (rotation, transformation…) , an audio style (fire, electricity, organic…) , adjust the parameters, and simply draw your sound effect! Generated sounds can be saved as wave files and used in any creative tool.

While drawing, the position of the mouse or stylus, the speed of your movement, the rotation angle and other properties are evaluated to generate a sound effect that perfectly matches your motion.

Thanks to our unique procedural audio engine, the sound is fully customizable for your project and, if the duration of the motion changes, you can stretch or compress your sound without any artifacts.

Motions and Audio Styles

DSP Motion offers all the typical motions and many audio styles. Combined with many control and synthesis parameters, they allow you to sonify any type of movement.

For all your creative projects

Animated Logo

Add whooshes and impacts for a powerful audio branding.

Motion Graphics

Sonify your moving elements in After Effects and other tools.

2D/3D Animation

Generate sounds that perfectly match your animations.

Video Game

Create sound variations for your characters and environments.

Visual effects

Add a new dimension to your VFX with customizable audio styles.


Reinforce your performances, streamed or on stage, with dynamic sounds.

Immediate workflow

DSP Motion offers an intuitive user interface that is both simple and fun to use!

1Select a Motion (e.g. Rotate)

2Choose an Audio Style (e.g. Fire)

3Draw your sound with a mouse or graphic tablet

4Adjust the sound parameters

5Save the output as a WAVE file

Create Variations

To avoid repetitive sound effects, assign random ranges to the parameters and generate sound variations automatically.


Are you working on a game or a 3D animation in Unity? DSP Motion can export your sounds directly into your project!

  • Sound variations can be generated, and all the WAVE files are copied into an Asset folder.
  • Meta files are created using user-specified parameters.
  • C# scripts can also be automatically generated, allowing for sequential or random playback of the sounds.


Purchase DSP Motion today to create high-quality sound effects that perfectly match your animations and visual effects!
* Sounds generated by DSP Motion can be used freely in commercial projects. * Windows only.


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