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DSP Motion Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of DSP Motion, a unique tool that allows motion designers, animators, sound artists and game developers to easily create sound effects, simply by drawing them!

Draw your sound effects!

In DSP Motion, you can select a type of movement (rotation, scaling, transformation…), an audio shader (fire, electricity, machine, animal…) and draw your sound effects in real-time.

Both the position of the mouse (or stylus) and the drawing speed are used to generate a sound effect that perfectly matches your motion. (Visually, the curve’s thickness is proportional to the drawing speed.)

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

The background of the drawing pad – which depends on the motion / shader pair selected – also determines how your movements will affect the sound generated.

In the video below, you can see how the whoosh effect occurs when crossing the central line, how more wood hits are generated when drawing towards the top-right corner, or how you can mix the growls of four animals graphically.

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

Any curve can be moved, flipped, rotated, and scaled up or down. In addition, the Presets window provides useful mathematical curves that would be hard to draw by hand otherwise.

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

Get the perfect sound!

Once a curve is drawn, you can adjust the “Duration” slider to have it match the length of your animation. Should you need to change this length later during the project, there will be no need to edit or record a new sound: simply adjust the duration slider again! Furthermore, no audio artefacts will be generated (unlike with typical time-stretching operations).

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

Thanks to Tsugi’s unique procedural audio engine, the sound effects are fully customizable. The control and synthesis parameters of each audio shader can indeed be adjusted to create a sound that fits your needs. Combined with the near infinity of curves you can draw, this makes designing sounds with DSP Motion endless fun!

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

Another benefit of DSP Motion’s procedural audio engine is the possibility to automatically generate sound variations by assigning random ranges to the parameters. This is especially helpful to fight repetitiveness in a game or an animation in which the same event occurs multiple times.

GameSynth Engines Plugin video

DSP Motion saves its audio files in the Wave format; therefore, they can be used in any creative tool. It can also export them to a Unity game project. In this case, the corresponding meta data files will be generated as well. DSP Motion can even write a C# script to handle their playback!