New Discord Server!

We are thrilled to announce that Tsugi’s Discord server is now up!

Our aim is to build a community in which sound designers, game developers, animators and other creatives using our software can share their knowledge, show their projects (we always love to see how our tools are being used!), and have a voice in the development of future versions!

To this end, we encourage you to join the server and share your suggestions and feature requests. We want to build tools that are as productive and as easy-to-use as possible for you! Our team constantly examines feature requests, and the ones beneficial to the community at large have a good chance to be implemented in upcoming versions of the tools!

We will also announce new products, updates, and tutorials on the server, so it is the perfect place to keep up to date with Tsugi’s software. Last but not least, we will host regular giveaways. The first one is already under way so do not miss this chance to get a free DSP Motion license!

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