20200504_DSPFantasy released

DSP Fantasy Released!

We recently released DSP Fantasy, our latest entry in the DSP Series. With DSP Fantasy, you can create all the sounds you need for your medieval and heroic-fantasy adventures, from fantastic creatures to magic spells and from sword fights to dungeon ambiences. This is the perfect tool if you are developing an RPG or if you simply want to play sounds during your D&D tabletop campaign!

The sounds in DSP Fantasy have been crafted by professional sound designers to ensure content of the highest quality. They are still fully customizable though, thanks to our unique procedural audio engine. This means that you can edit each sound to match the exact requirements of your project, simply by moving sliders! This is a huge advantage over sound libraries which rely solely on fixed samples, and whose content cannot be so easily tailored to your needs.

Take the sound for the crossbow for example: in DSP Fantasy, you can select the speed of the pulley, the timing of the arrow’s release, its spin in the air and a lot more. Ready to siege a castle? Adjust the mechanisms of the catapult and set the projectiles ablaze for maximum destructive power! With DSP Fantasy, you have all you need to recreate historical or imaginary medieval battles!

DSP Fantasy can create thousands of variations for each type of sound, which is very useful for games (no one wants to hear the same footstep or sword hit over and over again). Simply assign ranges to the parameters you want to randomize, select how many variations you want, and press Render to generate the number of wave files you need.


With categories covering creatures, dungeon, environment, inventory, magic and weapons, you have all you need to create heroic fantasy games.

For example, you can export the sounds as wave files, and after converting them to .ogg, use them in your RPG Maker project, like below.


If you are making a game with Unity, you can also take advantage of DSP Fantasy’s integrated Unity exporter. Simply select your Unity project’s assets folder, the number of sound variations you want to generate and the default parameters of the audio clips. DSP Fantasy will generate everything for you and put the files in our asset folder. If you want, you can even generate a C# script that will allow you to play these sound variations sequentially, randomly or in shuffle mode, with or without volume and pitch randomization.


Don’t waste a minute, get on your steed and let’s go slay some dragons with DSP Fantasy!