GameSynth | The ultimate sound design tool for games and movies


  • Bigger • 15 new modules in the patching environment • 8 new effect racks in Voice FX • 1000+ sound models in the repository • New audio exporters (GameMaker Studio, Audacity) • New animation curve importers (GameMaker Studio, Live2D) • Import of SVG files and new scripting functions in the Sketch Pad

  • Faster • New module selector to quickly add modules • Partial playback to instantly check audio signals • New wire context menu for faster patching • Snap wiring and automatic modules reconnection • Automatic .wav rendering for different meta-parameter values • Updated automatic export to audio middleware (Wwise, FMOD…)

  • Smarter • Perceptual map to find similar sound models • Audio analysis to find patches close to a wave file • Patch search based on used modules • Improved random patch creator • Variation detection in run-time exporter


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The Procedural Sound Design Tool

GameSynth is a revolutionary sound design tool that uses the latest advances in procedural audio to help you create amazing sound effects. It offers many unique features aimed at game, animation, and movie production, like the automatic generation of sound variations.

When coupled with the GameSynth run-time engine (sold separately), it can be integrated to your game as a powerful audio middleware; the perfect solution to fight repetition and increase audio interactivity while saving memory.

Example: Action Sequence

Example: Natural Environments

Example: Daily Life

Example: Cartoon

Highlights version 2021.1

Highlights version 2020.1

GameSynth for sound designers

Procedural Audio Models

GameSynth comes with specialized synthesizers full of unique features, such as Impact, Whoosh, Particles, Footsteps, Weather etc..

GameSynth is modular and extensible. New synthesizers are constantly added, and they come entirely free with each GameSynth update!

GameSynth is also a platform: companies and researchers are adding their own procedural audio models to the GameSynth environment, like Sound Design Lab with their Engines model.



Create aerial sounds, from wind to sword whooshes and powerful passbys.
You can also use it for cloth Foley, ocean waves and more!


Impact / Contact

Generate a large range of physics-oriented sounds,
involving impacts and contacts on many materials,
from realistic to cartoonish!



Connect 130+ types of modules to build your own
procedural audio models for any type of sound
(sci-fi, environment, weapons etc.)!



Recreate old-style game sounds with
oscillators, LFOs, filters, envelopes, arpeggiator, effects
and a powerful modulation matrix!



Use granular synthesis to design intricate sonic textures.
Control massive amounts of sound particles in real-time
for truly innovative sounds!



Assemble effect chains using more than 20 racks
to create your own vocal effects
(robots, creatures, etc.)!



Generate Footsteps sounds based on various movements
(walk, run, jump etc.), types of shoes (sneakers, high heels, boots etc.)
and surfaces (concrete, wood, grass, mud etc.).



Simulate weather sounds: rain and hail on many surfaces
(wood, grass, umbrella, water etc.), wind and tornadoes,
rolling thunder and thunderclaps,
and even rustling leaves.



Make your engine roar
with this physically-accurate and fully-controllable model.
Many types of vehicles available (F1, motorbike, sports car etc.)! *sold separately



We are currently developing many other cutting-edge
procedural audio models for your games and movies!

Visual Patching Environment

Create your own procedural audio models by connecting 130+ types of modules (audio and control generators, processors, logic and output modules). GameSynth is easier and faster to use than usual patching system thanks to features and modules specifically aimed at game audio. It is adapted to the fast-paced game production cycle.


The visual patching system comes with many examples of patches, and with a separate manual including helpful tricks to become an expert at patching for game audio!

A few examples of sound generators included in the 130+ modules:

  • For environmental sounds: Bubble, Goo, Hail, Leaves, Rain, Rocks, Thunder, Wind…
  • For creature vocalizations: Animal, Creature, Footsteps, Gait, Glottis…
  • For physics-based interactions: Flag, Fracture, Friction, Modes, Impact, Resonator…
  • For machines: Clang, Electricity, Gear, Machine, Motor, Steam…
  • For weapons: Bullet Casing, Gun Foley, Gunshots…
  • For sample processing: Granular Player, Sample Player, Wavetable…
  • For classic synthesis: Beam, Blip, Chaos, Chirp, LFO, MegaSaw, Oscillator, Sine Bank…

Of course, modules for all typical filters, audio processors and effects are also available.

Main Features

Patch Repository 

The largest collection of procedural audio models at your fingertips, with ultra-fast searching, sorting, and filtering options, tag clouds, instant preview etc. Perfect to learn and to get inspired!

Explore the perceptual feature map, where similar-sounding patches are displayed close to each other, to discover new patching techniques.

Drop a sample and let GameSynth’s advanced AI find related sound models to start patching faster!

Help Center

All the resources - manuals, tutorial videos, blog posts - available directly from within the tool! Get notified and never miss one!

UCS Support

Support for UCS (Universal Category System) across the tool. Assign categories and subcategories to the patches, use the UCS file naming convention, search patches per category.

Automatic Variations

Assign random ranges to the parameters. New sounds will automatically be generated each time you hit play, and you can render hundreds of them as wave files in one click!

Realistic sounds

Advanced audio analysis algorithms can be used to create realistic impact materials, whoosh envelopes, creature pitch curves and more.

Meta Parameters

Meta-parameters allow for the control of several parameters at once in real-time. Define a “rolling speed” meta-parameter to control the pitch and amplitude of a contact sound!


Design curves that will automatically control the evolution of one or several parameters over time.

Sketch Pad

Present in all models, the sketch pad allows you to control sound parameters by drawing with the mouse or a stylus. Speed, pressure and trajectories are all taken into account.

Export to Middleware

Generate sound variations automatically, adding them to your project (Wwise, FMOD Studio, ADX2, Audacity, Unity, GameMaker Studio, Cocos2d), creating all the containers, events and even writing scripts!

Command Line Version

Integrate GameSynth into your pipeline by using the command line version. Render existing patches and generate new ones automatically.

Animation File Import

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • MotionBuilder
  • Houdini
  • Spine
  • SpriteStudio
  • BVH files
  • GameMaker Studio
  • Live2D
  • And More...

GameSynth can import animation curves and motion capture data from major 2D/3D graphics packages.

It is possible to modify the movement or the duration of an animation and generate a new sound automatically, without having to edit existing sounds or to record new ones.


  • Natural Environments
  • Designing Drones
  • Full Action Sequence
  • Tropical Forest
  • Creative use of Doppler
  • Vintage Mainframe
  • Ethereal Beasts
  • GameSynth 2021.1 Released!

Purchase the GameSynth sound design tool and start creating amazing sounds for your games, animations and movies in just a few clicks. You can even export them directly to Wwise, FMOD, ADX2, Unity, and Cocos2d!


Creating engine sounds is as simple as choosing your type of vehicle (formula 1, sports car, bike, truck etc.), the type of motor, and recording your actions while driving with the interface, or drawing on the SketchPad!
*GameSynth required.

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