CEDEC 2019 Report

Last week, Tsugi sponsored CEDEC 2019, the developers conference held in Yokohama, Japan. CEDEC is always a great opportunity for us to meet with incredibly talented creators and to learn more about what they want from their creative tools and how we can help them in their daily tasks.


On booth 16, we introduced the latest version of GameSynth (2019.2) including a brand-new Weather model, the import of animation curves and motion capture data from popular 2D and 3D packages, the integration with the online patch repository and more. Thanks to our collaboration with WACOM, visitors were able to literally draw sound effects on a giant Cintiq Pro 32 tablet. Needless to say, this was definitely a crowd pleaser!


On booth 12, we were showing the results of a R&D collaboration between Square Enix Japan and Tsugi. The VR project presented was demonstrating Square Enix’s latest advances in natural communication with game characters by letting visitors interact with Kobun, a charming octopus-like creature. A special version of the GameSynth run-time from Tsugi was used to generate Kobun’s vocalizations in real-time. Using procedural audio, we were able to ensure that the audio was never repetitive and was always perfectly reflecting the emotional state of the character.


The CEDEC interactive sessions – showcasing R&D projects developed by companies and universities – are ranked by the visitors and the Kobun project came in 4th place among 16! Congratulations to all involved at Square Enix and Tsugi!

Tsugi also held audio track and sponsor sessions on the state of procedural audio for game sound effects and on the new features of GameSynth 2019.2 for sound designers, animators and game creators. Judging by the attendance, procedural audio was really a hot topic this year (more on this soon)! You can now watch the videos of these sessions on the CEDEC website.


Thank you again to all the artists and engineers who visited our booth and to all the new GameSynth users! We are looking forward to working with you in the coming months to advance game audio!
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