20231205_DSP Fantasy Map

Sounds for Fantasy Worlds

DSP Fantasy can help you create all the sound effects you need for your heroic-fantasy quests and medieval adventures. Be it for a game, an animation, a movie, or even a tabletop game, its procedural audio engine can generate a large collection of immersive ambiences, creature growls, enchanting spells, lethal weapons, and dangerous traps, as well as an infinite number of variations for each of them.

As the opening credits of Games of Thrones have demonstrated, a map is a great way to show the confines and set the mood of a world, and we thought it would be a nice way to showcase the various sound effects DSP Fantasy can produce too! We prepared two maps, one for the realm and one for the interior of a dungeon.

To create the maps, what better choice than to use procedural generators too, especially the beautifully crafted Perilous Shores and One Page Dungeon from Oleg Dolya. We edited a bit the results to get exactly what we wanted and added some locations and items on the maps, then we added the relevant sounds with DSP Fantasy.

You can see the map of the Realm below.

DSP Fantasy comes with fully customizable sound patches organized into categories. The Creatures category was used to produce the sounds of mythical beasts like a dragon on top of the Furnace of Doom, and the sea monster from the Unforgiving Sea as well as wild animals (bear, wolf, bats…). Spells from the Magic category were invoked to highlight the enchanted nature of several locations, while the Environment category provided sounds for fire, sea, river, cave, wind, thunderstorm etc… Finally, the Weapons category contributed a catapult for the siege of Black Rock.

For the battle of the 3 Kings, we used DSP Fantasy to automatically generate several variations of various medieval weapons (bows, swords, shields…) and dropped them in the Particles model of GameSynth to instantly create a battlefield soundscape, simply by drawing! A similar method was used for the horde of zombies and the bats in the caves. You could of course do something similar using only DSP Fantasy and an audio editor, but it is much faster and a lot more fun in GameSynth!

The indoors map focuses on DSP Fantasy’s Dungeon category to generate sounds for doors and traps, but also for smaller items such as keys, chests, chains etc…  This category is especially great for dungeon masters who want to add an audio dimension to their campaigns!

Magical items like scrolls, cauldron, and potion were generated by patches from the Magic category. The Creatures category provided the sound effects for small creatures like rats, spiders, and also slime and skeletons.

On both maps, when an item or a location is magnified, a paper-like sound from the Inventory category is played to reinforce the visual effect. Finally, we added some medieval background music -which is not generated by DSP Fantasy – to both maps.

If you are working on a project in a medieval or heroic-fantasy setting, DSP Fantasy can help you create all the sound effects you need!

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