Announcing MovieSynth

We are very excited to announce our upcoming product, MovieSynth. Built upon the success of GameSynth, MovieSynth will bring procedural audio techniques to the world of audio post-production.


Among the benefits of using procedural audio models for movie making:

  • ultra-high audio quality: since the sounds are fully generated, they have no background noise and offer a very high dynamic range

  • sound customization to perfectly match your movie’s needs (e.g. do you want a bigger explosion, more distant, with different types of debris?)

  • automatic creation of sound effects variations (each footstep, gunshot etc. can sound different without tedious editing)

  • sound effects durations automatically matching the length of a sequence (no time-stretching required, no loss in quality)

  • control of the sound based on the video content

MovieSynth will allow you to focus on the creative side of audio post-production while saving time and money. You will be able to design the exact sound your movie or video deserves, without having to source new sounds or spend an insane amount of time editing samples!

Are you a content creator eager to learn how this revolutionary new technology can help you?
Or a sound designer interested in creating procedural sound models for MovieSynth?

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