Free SFX for the Global Game Jam!

The Global Game Jam 2024 has just started and this year’s theme is… “Make Me Laugh”! In our previous blog, we discussed how the DSP Series tools can help you create amazing sounds in no time, which is perfect for a game jam! For this post, we went one step further and prepared a free sound pack for you to download. We hope that it will be helpful when developing your game!

Some of the sound effects in this pack have been designed for general use and should suit many genres, while others have been created with this year’s game jam’s theme in mind.

GameSynth includes many specialized generators (such as Whoosh, Footsteps, Retro etc…) that were used to create a wider range of sound effects. They are complemented by the output of DSP Anime, DSP Motion, and DSP Action.

The patching environment of GameSynth, with its 130+ modules, was also put to contribution, in order to create more intricate sounds for environments, weapons, and interactions. Finally, we even processed some text-to-speech voices in the VoiceFX model to include some arcade-type announces.

video thumbnail en

When relevant, multiple sound variations were generated, as this can be done with a single click in all our tools!

All the sound effects are royalty-free and can be used in any project, even commercial ones (if you wish to use them after the game jam). There are more than 350 sound files. Cleanly edited, they can be immediately integrated into your game!

Let us know how you used these sounds or our tools during the game jam!


In addition, should you want to dive deeper into the synthesis of funny sound effects, don’t miss this 2-part tutorial in which we design all the sounds for a cartoonish sequence with GameSynth.